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Times and Venues Group Karate

 Westhill Drive Mansfield

Monday 8 - 10pm

Wednesday 7 -9pm

Friday 7 - 9pm (children's)

Saturday 11am - 1pm (children's)

& 2pm - 4pm

Sunday 11am - 1pm

4.30pm - 6pm

(fight training)

Sutton Centre

Sutton in Ashfield

Tuesday 7 - 9pm

Kirkby Festival Hall

Kirkby in Ashfield

Wednesday 4 - 6pm

Meden Sports Centre

Warsop Notts

Thursrsday 7 - 9pm

Sensei David Allsop 7th Dan

A Class bowing in at the start of the lesson

A Class bowing out at the end of the  lesson

Dojo Etiquette

1 Remove all jewellery before training.

2 Gi's must be kept clean and in good condition.

3 Remove shoes before walking onto the dojo training floor.

4 Finger and toe nails must be kept clean and short.

5 Hands and feet must be clean.

6 Do not talk in class. Concentrate on what Sensei is saying.

7 The instructor is always referred to as 'Sensei' whilst in the dojo. You should never disregard a direction from the instructor.

8 Never intentionally try to hurt anyone in training. The emphasis is always on control.


A bow, rei (pronounced – ray), in WIKF dojos is a demonstration of respect, nothing more.

When entering or leaving the dojo, stand at the doorway, heels together hands by your side in musubi dachi (informal attention stance) and bow. This shows respect for the dojo, Sensei and everyone training at the dojo. Students must bow in this same manner to their partner at the beginning and at the end of training with that person. This too is a sign of courtesy and respect, it shows good manners.

All bows begin by bringing the right foot into the left foot to form musubi dachi. When with a training partner or in general a class the student then returns to yoi position (Hachiji Dachi - ready position) by moving the right foot out and waits for instruction from Sensei.

Never perform a half-hearted bow

If you are late to class you must kneel in seiza (formal sitting position) inside the doorway at the edge of the training area and when sensei sees you, bow while still in seiza. You will then be invited into the class. This applies to any dojo you may train at.

The class will start with a formal bow in with all students lined up in order of grade with the highest graded students on the right hand side of the dojo facing the front (shomen) of the dojo. 

1. On the command Sensei ni rei, the class bows to the instructor and he returns the courtesy by bowing to the class. This is a sign of respect and reinforces the fact that the instructor in charge of the class.

2. On the command otagani rei bow to every one else

At the end of the class again all students line up in order of grade with the highest graded students on the right hand side of the dojo facing the front (shomen) of the dojo. 1

    1.  On the command Sensei ni rei, the class bows to the instructor and he returns the courtesy by bowing to the class. This again is a sign of respect and thanks the instructor teaching the class.

3. The instructor will then say Otagai ni rei, the class and instructor bow at the same time. This bow is to thank our partners and everyone who trained at the class for being there and therefore helping with each individuals learning.

The class then walks off the dojo floor in a dignified manner. 

Important points to remember 

                             A. While Sensei is speaking, do not:

B. talk or fool around

C. stand with your arms folded

D. stand with your hands on your hips or behind your back

E. have your hands together in front of your lap.

These actions are seen as discourteous and disrespectful and show bad manners. 

When Sensei is speaking, correct etiquette is to stand in yoi (ready position) or with your feet together and hands by your side in heisoku-dachi or in musubi dachi.

The main services offered by the Mansfield Karate Club are

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Private one to one tuition.

Sales and supply of   



A basic and very essential part of Karate training.  It means that Karateka must never attack first – mentally or physically.  To understand this fully years of hard, correct training are needed.

As the Karateka grows in stature so also will grow his good manners and etiquette, outwardly and, even more important, inwardly.

All Karate training must be intense and with purpose.

Correct Dojo etiquette is essential.

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